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Issue 33: Going Against Popular Opinion, Celebrating Wins, Resources for the Week, Closing Thoughts

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Welcome to issue 33 of Trade-offs and Triumphs - a newsletter of resources and thoughts about how to balance trade-offs in life to find and celebrate the small triumph; every decision point requires thinking through trade-offs and not just immediately aiming for the “solution.”

How was your week? What were your trade-offs and triumphs?

This week we will hit on:

👉 Going Against Popular Opinion

👉 Celebrating Wins

👉 Resources for the Week

👉 Closing Thoughts

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​🎪​🎶​📣​📯​ Going Against Popular Opinion

Are you in an alternate universe or are they?

As you peer at the excited and hyperventilating faces on your Zoom screen, you wonder if there is something wrong with you. You should be excited, you should feel inspired, but you don’t feel any of the above.

Instead, you wonder why you are here, staring at this screen, when you could be doing other more productive things.

But what you must be feeling must be wrong… because the main star of the program is such a star! You don’t know enough to know what you’re missing!

Are you missing that much? Or, rather, are you seeing something that others may not be perceiving?

Many of us have felt alone when we feel that we are going against the stated popular opinion. How many of us have glanced around the conference room at all the nodding heads and wondered if you are missing something when you don’t agree with the prevailing wisdom?

But how many of us have actually acted on our disagreements with the prevailing wisdom?

Kyle Bowe acted on his dissatisfaction despite prevailing wisdom that and even received a refund. And, at the end of it, he experienced self-empowerment:

I was surprised by how easy it was to get a refund. I popped into the UPW Event Dashboard (a technical marvel unto itself), opened a chat box, told them my experience, and was sent to a Zoom room. 

Once there, I was gently encouraged to reconsider. I insisted that, “no, I would not be staying for Days 3 & 4” and that, “yes, if I heard Animals one more time, Martin Garrix may need to be put under protective watch.” 

I was sent a form, which took less than five minutes to fill out, and was told I’d have my refund in 4-6 weeks. 

And just like that, I was alone in my living room. 

Sitting on my couch, suddenly painfully aware of how quiet it was.

With no one yelling at me to get off of it, jump, and take action. 

No more Martin Garrix. No more Peak State.

What did I do instead? 

I went for a run, wrote a blog post (this one), went for a long walk around the park, did some billable work for a copywriting client, sent an invoice to a past client,  read a book, and had an extensive chat with a friend about our own internal work. 

And, oddly enough, alongside the subtle guilt for giving up on something, I started to feel something else: 

A sense of empowerment. 

Like some sort of power had been unleashed from within. 

✨What are your opinions that go against prevailing wisdom?

✨How will you act on them?

Why I left Unleash the Power

🏆🍾🏆🍾Celebrating Wins

A self-serve wine bar is coming to Delano | Wichita By E.B.

Congratulations to Ken and Danielle Harmon on their new business in Wichita, Alzavino Wine Tavern. Hopefully, it will happen by May 2021 - Danielle has documented this long and hard journey - trust the process and know that people are cheering you on.

The following review is by Eddy of Wichita by EB - the number one connoisseur of all types of dining in Wichita, KS.

The Coney Island Hot Dog Weiners space at 1001 W. Douglas has been vacant since the beginning of 2020. Hopefully by May of this year, a new wine bar called Alzavino Wine Tavern will officially take its place.

The new wine bar is different from other places in that they’ll offer a self-serve tap system. They’ll also carry sixteen different wines ready for you to discover your preference.

Things are headed in the right direction for Alzavino as they just received their conditional use license as a drinking establishment.

Like all new places, things can fluctuate on openings. But for now, they are aiming for a May timeframe.

To stay up to date with Alzavino Wine Tavern, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Happy Dining,

Sustainable Finance Series by Anthony Schilt

If you would like to understand more about sustainable finance, please check out this series of quick and easy to understand videos by Anthony Schilt. He sourced the content from US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment. These videos address the following:

  • Sustainable Investing, Incorporation of ESG Criteria

  • Financial Performance & Sustainable Investing

  • Proxy Voting

  • Shareholder Resolutions

✊​⚒️️​🧰​ Resources for the Week

StoryWatch: A thoughtfully crafted process to master your mind and the stories that push you forward but also hold you back.

Check out the next two StoryWatch workshops in March - you can access them here at or

📆 Dates and 🕐 Times: March 17, 2021 at 12pm ET and March 22, 2021 at 7pm ET

🎟️ Registration Fee: $50 (suggested)

  • What stories are holding you back from achieving what you truly want to do?

  • How do you build the self-awareness that permits you to regulate your mind and the re-work the stories driving you so that you can define your target, focus, and actions with clarity?

  • In fits and starts, I am working through this myself via StoryWatch. Sometimes, I don’t like what I see, and sometimes, I am surprised by what I see.

✅ Negotiation Empathy: How to be Empathetic Without Being a Victim

  • 📆 Date: Friday, March 19, 2021

  • 🕐 Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm ET

  • 🎟️ Registration Fee: $175

  • 🔗 Registration Link:

  • Objectives:

    1. What are the different types of empathy?

    2. What are the more appropriate ways to strengthen your connections to people?

    3. How do you implement the right system to get the benefits of an empathetic understanding without letting it cloud our judgment as negotiators?

    4. Be prepared to engage in role play.

✅ Why it may be time to double down on Twitter by Stephen Scott:

Closing Thoughts: The power behind technology and How Real Learning Happens

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Be conscious of your trade-offs. Before settling on any one “solution,” run your fingers through all the trade-offs and decide intentionally and specifically.

And then celebrate your triumphs, no matter how small.

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